Testing Service

Wholesale-Graphene have the ability to carry out the following test types:



• Tensile 
• Fatigue
• Compression testing (Celanese, Cruciform, CLC and CAI)
• Open hole tension and compression
• Filled hole tension and compression
• Bolt bearing strength
• Mode I and Mode II fracture
• V-notch shear
• Drop weight impacting
• 3 and 4 point bend tests for monolithic & sandwich specimens
• Flatwise Tension
• Climbing Drum & Roller Peel
• Specialised component and structural testing

Mechanical testing can be performed within the temperature range of -70°C up to and including 150°C. Testing can be performed to customers’ own tests methods and procedures if requested.



Environmental Tests

• Temperature/humidity conditioning of specimens or components @ 70°C & 85% relative humidity
• Fluid immersion up to and including 100°C



Physical Tests

• Fibre Volume Fraction – Glass (Burn-off)
• Fibre Volume Fraction – Carbon (Acid Digestion)



Thermal Tests

• Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) by means of a Dynamic        Mechanical Analyser (DMA)