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Few Layer Graphene Powder

Manufactured in the UK - High Wycombe 


Few layer Graphene Nanoplatelets 

  • Purity: 97-99% 
  • Few Layers: 10 Layers+ 
  • Diametre: 10*50um
  • Appearance: Silver Powder 


Elemental analysis (percentage by weight):

C: >99.99%  Other <0.1% 

Graphene Multi Layered Powder

  • Few-layer graphene refers to graphene sheets that consist of a small number of layers stacked on top of each other. Here are some properties and characteristics of few-layer graphene: 

    • Conductivity: Few-layer graphene exhibits excellent electrical conductivity due to the high mobility of charge carriers within its structure.

    • Flexibility: Few-layer graphene is extremely flexible and can be bent or folded without breaking, making it suitable for flexible electronics and other applications.

    • Mechanical Strength: It has remarkable mechanical strength and can withstand tension and pressure. Graphene is one of the strongest materials known.

    • Optical Transparency: Few-layer graphene is transparent to visible light and can be used in applications such as transparent conductive coatings for displays and solar cells.

    • Thermal Conductivity: It has high thermal conductivity, which makes it useful for applications in thermal management and heat dissipation.

    • Two-Dimensional Structure: Few-layer graphene is a two-dimensional material with a single-atom-thick structure, making it unique and valuable for various applications.

    • Unique Electronic Properties: It exhibits remarkable electronic properties, such as high electron mobility and a zero bandgap, which can be tailored for specific electronic device applications.

    • Water and Gas Barrier: Few-layer graphene can act as a barrier to water and gases, making it useful in protective coatings and barrier materials.

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