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Graphene Battery Summary  

Marble Capital Partners is seeking to raise fund to validate the current technology and commence protection of that technology for the investors. The current Energy Storage solution has shown astonishing results but has exhausted the current facility in regard to the testing and development that can be done.


It is envisaged that once that validation is complete, and the technology is protected a number of commercial options exist.


The technology could at that point be sold realising a substantially lower return than if the product was taken to commercialisation but at a significantly lower risk.


A manufacturing partner is sought with its own product need and a financial deal agreed. This option is considered the medium risk position. 


MCP has a preference to raise follow on funds during the 6-month validation phase to target one sector and create a commercially ready product and realise a manufacturable product. Whilst larger funds are required greater control to the product strategy and revenue options can be offered to the investors.


MCP have already discussed with a few of the potential distributors across a part of Europe and Middle East what sales could be envisaged with a cheaper solution. The target sectors are considered as the easily accessible parts and penetration not representing all the business the distributors do, just what they feel could be achieved.

The figures presented are not exhaustive or overly compelling, but they have only targeted 12 distributors of a possible 100 we can appoint, plus we may even add distribution by sector by country opening up the market potential even more. The sales strategy will become very clear when the product dynamics are categorised and validated further.

Manufacturing licences have not been considered at this point but remains a significant opportunity to create revenue within the first 5 years of the business. Royalty payments and shareholding of each distributor is a very strong commercial opportunity. 


The global secondary (rechargeable) battery market is worth $118 Billion Dollars and by 2022 expected to be in excess of $180 Billion dollars. Simply put a 1% global share would be $1.8 Billion per year.


The market is extremely “open” to new technology and new solutions entering existing markets and with the fast charging, low cost, lightweight and high density of the MCP solution we believe we have a very   investable solution.

David Streather - One of the leading experts in battery technology with over 35 years experience. 

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