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Important Announcement 25th April  2023

Graphene By The Tonne (WG) have developed a continual process and will be capable of mass producing over 30 Metric Tonnes of Graphene per day. WG have had their technology independently verified. 

The products planned for general sale are as follows. 

  •      Powder form Graphene 

  •      Powder form Graphene Oxide (powder & suspended in solution)  

  •      Powder form Reduced Graphene Oxide

  •      Liquid Graphene battery slurry 

In September 2016, Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research published a report on Advanced Materials (Profiles in Innovation). Goldman Sachs analysed the possibility of using graphene instead of carbon black to reinforce tires.

They estimated that for tires requiring 25 weight% loading of carbon black, graphene at 1.5 weight% would provide the same or better performance. Based upon this graphene loading and assuming a carbon black price US$1.50/kg, Goldman Sachs calculated that graphene would be competitive at a cost of US$25/kg.  

To find out more information please provide us with your details below and you will be kept up to date with all the latest news and independent reports.

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