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25L of Graphene Oxide Solution

Manufactured in the UK - High Wycombe 


Single Layer Graphene Oxide powder dispersed into highly purified/distilled water. 


Stability & Dispersion 

50L per hour are produced from our production line to ensure even and stable dispersion. No dispersion agents or stabilising agents are required for concentrations under 0.25%. 


Graphene Oxide 

Layers:                             1 - 2
Carbon Content:            68.44%
Carbon Purity:              >98-99wt%
Oxygen Content:            30.93%
Sulphur Content:            0.63%
Thickness:                          0.335 - 1.0um
Surface Area:                    1000 - 1217m2/g
Appearance Brown:       Powder



Standard IBC valve of 2 inch / 50mm & a standard IBC lid of 6" / 150mm.

No further mixing required if used with 2 months of delivery date for 0.01% to 0.25%. 


Graphene Content over 0.4% (by weight)

If storaged for long periods of time or placed in extreme cold temperatures a high speed aggitator may be required. For this requirement dispersing or anti-freeze agents can be added into our production line at no extra cost. Please email us with your requirements. 


Processed and dispatched within 5 busniess days. International delivery times estimated between 10-25 days. 

25L Graphene Oxide Single Layer Solution

£8.00 Regular Price
£6.40Sale Price
1 Liter
  • Graphene oxide has a wide range of potential applications due to its unique properties. Here is a list of applications for graphene oxide: 

    • Anticorrosion coatings: Graphene oxide can be used to create protective coatings for metals to prevent corrosion.
    • Batteries: It can enhance the performance of batteries by improving electrode materials.
    • Biosensors: Graphene oxide is employed in biosensors for detecting various biomolecules and pathogens.
    • Drug delivery: It can serve as a carrier for targeted drug delivery in the field of medicine.
    • Energy storage: Graphene oxide is used in supercapacitors and energy storage devices.
    • Environmental remediation: It can be used to remove pollutants from water and air.
    • Flexible electronics: Graphene oxide is suitable for flexible and transparent electronics.
    • Fuel cells: It improves the performance and durability of fuel cell components.
    • Membranes: Graphene oxide membranes are used in filtration and desalination processes.
    • Nanocomposites: It enhances the mechanical and electrical properties of various materials.
    • Optoelectronics: It is used in optoelectronic devices like photodetectors and light-emitting diodes.
    • Sensors: Graphene oxide-based sensors are used for gas, humidity, and chemical detection.
    • Supercapacitors: It is employed to increase the energy density and power output of supercapacitors.
    • Tissue engineering: Graphene oxide is used to create scaffolds for tissue regeneration.
    • Wearable technology: It can be integrated into wearable electronics for various applications.
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